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8092 Pátka

Sósér-dűlő, 0186/11 hrsz

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+36 30 596 3111

Székefehérvár Clockwork

Arriving at Kossuth Square in Székesfehérvár, it feels like discovering the jewelry box of the city.
This place provides a special intimacy and sitting on the bench one can experience not only a happening but also some special sound. The achitectural monument in the middle of the square was gifted with the musical figures and bells on the sides in 2002. The lovely musical Clock was designed by Jenő Kovács, Mária Ecsedi and István Schulz, and the control structure of the clock was produced by the former watchmaker of town, Jenő Kovács.

The special feature of the clockwork is the 24-hour dial. The numbers on a light background show the daytime hours and the numbers on a dark background show the evening and night hours.
Attached to the circle with the names of the 12 months there is a dial representing the constellations. It goes a complete round within a complete year adjusting the particular constellation to the name of the particular month.

Historic figures walking around the clock:

  • Trumpet
  • King St. Stephen (1000-1038) and Prince Imre
  • The Battle of King St. Ladislaus (1077-1095) against the Kun Knight
  • St. Elizabeth and St. Margaret
  • King Matthias (1458-1490) and Queen Betarix

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