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8092 Pátka

Sósér-dűlő, 0186/11 hrsz

E-mail address:

+36 30 596 3111


Are you looking for the proper site for your Team Building Event, Mindfulness Group, Yoga Group, Spiritual Group?

You are at the right place! 

Our special location full of tranquility is an excellent choice!

  • Our green areas provide uplifting surroundings to relax and get deeply into your subject
  • The view of our horses has a positive effect on the soul
  • Being located next to the forest away from the noise of the city not only makes you recharged,
    but also supports the realization of creative ideas
  • Our 80m2 meeting room can host up to 30 people and is very suitable for team work 
  • The provided equipments and the furnishing of our meeting room allow you to perform well with
    smaller and larger groups too
  • Projection? Background music? Decoration? No problem at all!
  • Food for your meetings can be delivered to door, catering equipment is available on the spot. 

Organize the retreat of your group with us!​

Are you working in Home Office and longing to work from somewhere else sometimes?  

Do you work without an office and it would be nice to receive your clients somewhere for consultation?

Looking for an office to rent for a few hours where you can print, scan and prepare post?

Find the solution with us!

If you are a freelancer and you are in need of a workstation, an office, or a meeting room from time to time, we think the time for having meeting at gas stations, in Starbucks or other coffee shops are up.
For business negotiations, professional meetings it is much better choosing a locatation that suits your qualities and the significance of the occasion more.

The meeting room of Pátwest provides you quiet, well-equipped, exclusive environment  that is not only suitable for meetings, but you can also use as your occasional office, coworking office and presentation room as well. 
If you are a language teature and looking for a room to rent you have found the supporting environment for the information input. 

  • The meeting room is spacious, stylish, clean, have an impressive view, provides Wi-Fi network, smart TV, printer, scenner ect. 
  • It has a fully equipped kitchen to make the atmosphere more friendly and also to have coffee during the day
  • It is possible to have various refreshments repared for your meeting on request
  • The floor-to-ceiling glass windows giving a stunning view of Horog Horses in one direction and of reining workouts on the other will definitaly add to the success and quality of your meeting here. 

Work from here for a few hours as it is much better if your home and workspace are not mixed up. You can take it for granted that the quite and beautiful environment will have a positive effect on your creativity. 

Impress your business partners and have your discussions with them here!

Banquet, birthday, graduation ceremony, engagement party, golden wedding, baby party, bachelorette party, any other family event?

You can easily arrange it with us!

Are you looking for a unique place away from the noise of the city with special interior and excellent parking facility?
You’ve found the place you’re looking for!

  • Our 80m2 meeting room suitable to host up to 30 people is a great choice for any family event
  • Fancy projecting family memoirs, playing background music, having decoration suitable for the event? It’s all possible!
  • Serving delivered food and your own cake are ll possible. Catering equipment are all available.
  • We can also provide accommodation for guests arriving from far away

Welcome your family in our beautiful surroundings!

Portfolio shooting, catalogue shooting, baby waiting photos, wedding portfolio shooting, equestrian photography and many more are all possible at one place!

Visit our special site and discover for yourself how many topics you can carry out in one place!

Exciting and inspiring location, special lights and colors, many accessories ensure a variety of photo themes!

You can create the photo material you have dreamed of in this stunning environment!

  • Dressing room, make-up room, warming-up room
  • Green fields, equestrian background, arificial lake with a stage and green surroundings,
    hay bales and amazing sunset, and also a fireplace with mentelpiece
  • Exceptional views from our apartments, VIP stand and meeting room

Dream it and make it happen with us! Make and appointment with us and we’ll show you around!


+36 30 596 3111

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